SPICE’s Dedicated Team:

Management Team

Our experienced team leaders

  • Vikash Tulsidas – Chief Executive Officer
  • Patrick Selvon – Business Development Manager
  • Dominique Nicolin – Head of Operations
  • Jessila Monien – Accountant
  • Anoushka Pascal – Compliance Officer

Administrative Officers

Help process your lease and term deposits with great efficiency

  • Joelle Malabar
  • Lovena Veeren
  • Pravita Toolsee
  • Gilberte Baudot
  • Wandysa Anamah
  • Brian Lee Ah Soon

Client Executives

Expert advice and guidance with your asset finance solutions

  • Malini Moothia
  • Hans Printemps
  • Priscilla Cheron
  • Thierry Deenmamode
  • Kenny Soobrayen

Front Officers

At your service: day to day servicing and queries

  • Nadine Leger
  • Aurélie Adrien
  • Charlène Dorza
  • Jane Koo Yong Fook
  • Mangella Seerungen

Recovery Officers

Their priority: follow up and care of our assets

  • James Vurdien
  • Nalinee Jugut

Accounting Team

Meticulous accounting

  • Pouparlen Vythelingum – Accounts Officer
  • Carolyne Sakir – Accounts Officer