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Driving the car you desire becomes a possibility with SPICE. We offer leasing solutions for any car brand sold in Mauritius. Speak to our financing specialists and design a lease agreement that fits your monthly repayment capacity. Our goal is to find a sustainable solution that suits your needs.

What type of Car can SPICE finance?

Brand new, reconditioned and second-hand cars of any brand. We pride ourselves in our tailor-made approach when it comes to leasing. We develop solutions suited to your specific needs.

Multi-Brand Car Leasing Solution

We offer leasing solutions for all car brands. Our financing specialists will assist you and advise on the best options available according to your repayment capacity.

How do I proceed?

To better customise your lease agreement according to your financial capabilities, we advise you to book an appointment with a SPICE finance specialist by clicking on ‘Get in touch’ below.

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It’s fun to play around with online calculators, but we prefer human contact.

Get in touch with a SPICE financing specialist; let us build something together for you.

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