Lease a second-hand car with SPICE

To buy or to lease… that is the question. Acquiring a second-hand or reconditioned car can sometimes turn into a Shakespearean dilemma, especially if you are on a budget. Finding the right car for your needs becomes easy with SPICE. Our vehicle offers page will give you a selection of pre-owned, reconditioned and brand new cars from which to choose.

Multi-brand car leasing

SPICE finances any brand of car that is available on the Mauritian market. Whether you have your eye on a reconditioned Toyota or a pre-owned BMW, we are here to provide you with balanced leasing solutions. The most important conditions for the success of our lease agreement are the monthly payments, and the vehicle’s deposit. Note that you can choose to buy the car at the end of your contract. All that is required for this is the payment of the car’s residual value according to the contract. You may also choose to lease another car after your contract: there is no imposition to buy the vehicle.

SPICE finances pre-owned and reconditioned cars

Modalities for second-hand or reconditioned cars

The maximum period for a second-hand or reconditioned car lease depends on when the car was registered. Vehicles registered for 5 years have a maximum lease period of 4 years. If the car has been registered for 4 years, then the lease duration can go up to 5 years. It is also important to note that a deposit must be paid on the car. The minimum deposit for a car lease is 10% of the vehicle’s value, and a minimum VAT deposit. SPICE collaborates with authorized car dealerships in Mauritius to provide you with competitive leasing options.

Contact our team to find the car for you

Drive the car that is suited to your needs

The SPICE team is here to facilitate your car lease. We are currently among the most performant consumer finance companies on the market, and it is for a reason. Our agents will find the car that better suits your lifestyle and repayment capacity. Visit our vehicle offers page to find your next car, or get in touch with us on Facebook or Instagram.

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