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Custom Lease & Term Deposits

Will SPICE ignite the flame of your business? Our financing specialists can assist you in making wise investments to drive your activities.

Do you need a new fleet of vehicles, generators, or touch-screen POS? We finance a range of hardware for SMEs and larger businesses..

Tailor-Made Financing Solutions for Businesses with a Vision.

Leasing is our Business

Competitive advantage in business often depends on specific types of hardware. Depending on your field of activity, our financial specialists can devise leasing solutions to optimise your return on investment.

Financing of Movable Assets

For retail businesses, an electronic POS is sometimes a sound investment. Setting up a delivery service definitely requires a fleet of vehicles. If you operate in the e-commerce industry, maybe you need to update your IT equipment? We finance a wide range of movable assets.

Leasing & Term Deposits: Customised Solutions

Begin your SPICE journey by meeting with one of our financial advisors. Scroll down to choose between a lease, hire purchase or a fixed deposit.

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Use & Own Assets

Upgrade your business with our asset leasing solution. Set up a monthly payment plan to obtain better gear and equipment for your business operations.

Select it & Rent it

Is there equipment that you believe would give your business a new edge, but you do not wish to purchase it? With our operating lease, we can purchase the said equipment, and you can then rent it from us for a monthly payment.

Sale & Leaseback Agreements

If you’re in need of cash we also have leaseback solutions. Leaseback agreements enable you to sell equipment that you use regularly to SPICE, and continue using the same equipment.

our solutions for you

Term Deposits

Get Returns on Investment

Thinking about safely investing a lump sum to generate guaranteed returns? SPICE Term deposits are the way to go. Get in touch to find out more about our Deposit Grid.

Timeframes for your Deposit Solutions

SPICE provides both fixed and floating interest rate term deposits. The periods range from 6 to 72 months.

Trusted Financial Partner

SPICE Finance is licensed and regulated by the Bank of Mauritius for its deposit taking activities. Active since 2004, SPICE has a proven track record for leasing and deposit taking activities and has been rated by the CARE credit rating agency.

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Spice Finance
Posted by Spice Finance
November 12, 2021
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