Customised leasing & term deposit solutions.

Choose the right spices to create the lifestyle of your taste. Dream projects are possible with our financing solutions. Customise your leasing & deposit with us.

SPICE provides tailor-made financial advice to individuals with a vision. Together we can optimise your spending power to fit your ideal way of life.

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Finance personal projects.

Kitchen Appliances, Fittings and Equipments

SPICE up your kitchen with a leasing plan! We can help you compose your ideal kitchen, and devise a leasing schedule that corresponds to your monthly spending power.

Tech Equipment: Hi-Fi Systems, Home Cinema, and Computers

Financing the latest technological tools is possible with SPICE. Fully adaptable according to your needs, we customise leases for a variety of equipment.

Leasing & deposit: customised solutions

Meet with our finance specialists to begin your SPICE adventure. Scroll down to choose between a lease, hire purchase or a term deposit.

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Use it, Own it

Improve your lifestyle with our finance lease. Set up a monthly payment plan to obtain better goods and equipment for your home and everyday needs.

Choose it, Rent it

You may also choose to rent a specific type of equipment. Let’s say you have your eye on a home cinema system with dolby surround and wish to have it in your home for a chosen time, SPICE will essentially purchase the equipment and rent it to you in exchange for a monthly payment.

Use your existing equipment to generate cash

If you’re in need of cash we also have leaseback solutions. Leaseback agreements enable you to sell equipment that you use regularly to SPICE, and continue using the same equipment. Find out how in our brochure.

our solutions for you

Term Deposits

Invest your Money in a Term Deposit

Invest your savings or capital with us. Our term deposit solutions allow you to customise a savings plan. Have a look at our Deposit Interest Rate Grid.

Timeframe for your Deposit Solutions

SPICE provides both fixed and floating interest rate term deposits. The periods range from 3 to 72 months. 

Trusted Finance Partner

Licensed and regulated by the Bank of MauritiusSPICE Finance Ltd has been rated MAU A-Stable by CARE Ratings, a rating awarded to companies considered to have a low credit risk.


Individual Solutions



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