SPICE financing solutions aligns with emerging economic trends 

Funding the growth of your business may seem like a daunting task because of the current economic shifts. The effects of Covid-19 restrictions are still being felt in the business world. This situation has created new challenges for businesses, and decision-makers have to become creative to remain competitive in the “new normal”. This is where SPICE can make a difference. Our finance solutions can assist companies in maintaining their engagements and business aspirations. SPICE provides leasing and term deposit solutions to support businesses by optimizing their cost of operations and investments.

Leasing solutions to improve your business activity

The way companies do business is changing drastically with the new normal. With the advent of contactless payment, online selling, and fast delivery, companies that want to stay ahead of the curve may have to upgrade their infrastructure. SPICE provides leasing solutions for IT infrastructure, new point of sales terminals, new vehicle fleets, among other things. Fact of the matter is that purchasing equipment upfront can be quite hard for SMEs or even big businesses. It often makes more sense to use a financing solution to mitigate costs and optimize returns on investments.

Financing solutions enables smart funding of your enterprise projects

Give your company the edge over the competition

Do you have your eyes on equipment that could directly affect your company’s profitability? If so, then SPICE’s leasing for SMEs and Corporates could support you in leasing these assets. Depending on your business cash flow and investment capacity, you may opt for a finance lease or an operating lease. The major difference between these two solutions is that with the finance lease, the lessee enjoys more rights of ownership of the business asset. There is also the option of actually acquiring the equipment when the lease duration is over.

The SPICE team is here to assist you

SPICE also specializes in term deposits

Businesses that want to use their capital to generate returns can also take full advantage of our term deposit solutions. Using a fixed-term deposit as a business investment will allow you to forecast a return on your initial investment over a fixed period. This finance solution is ideal for businesses that have unused capital.

Financing solutions for SMEs and corporates

The current economic landscape will require companies to be adaptable to market shifts. Using strategic financing solutions is a way to increase the viability of SMEs. Larger businesses can also rise up to the challenge by making use of SPICE’s finance solutions

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